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Best Book Trailers

The 10 Best Book Trailers of 2023

By December 29, 2023No Comments

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Well, it’s that time again. With so many high-quality and intoxicating trailers this year, choosing the best book trailers of 2023 was no easy task. Below are our picks. Let us know how we did!

Imogen, Obviously by Becky Albertalli

Becky Albertalli’s newest book is widely hailed as a 10/10. This trailer nails the vibe and the character. Perfect casting!

Blood Circus

Elegant and atmospheric with a haunting melody that fits the tone of the book perfectly. No actors, just striking visuals.


This trailer will make you cry in about fifteen seconds. It’s not easy pulling off emotion in book trailers, but the geniuses at Scholastic nailed this one.

Ruled by Fate

Epic and sweeping visuals accompany this breathtaking YA debut by Sam Withrow and Amelia Pinkis. Created by Film 14 (yes, that’s us!)

Black Wing Sky

Game of Thrones vibes, dragons, and epic sunsets make this exciting book trailer pop in the fourth installment of the Gehenna Series by author Kaylin McFarren.


The trailer for Drowning is so damn good it might have helped make the upcoming film adaptation a reality. Either way, this is serious book trailer craft right here. 

Like a River

Impactful cinematic trailer about grief and loss. Passionate and thought-provoking.

Ghost Hunter’s Daughter

Scholastic does it again! One day all book trailers will be this good. Seriously though, is this perfect casting or what?


Low-key trailer for this YA/Romance by Nadia Shafika and a touching voice over with Terence Malick vibes.

The Peach Seed

Cinematic, ensemble period piece book trailer that the creators made look effortless. We’re book trailer makers ourselves and even we don’t know how they pulled this off so well. Serious respect to author Anita Gail Jones and her PR team!

A Soul of Ash and Blood

This animated trailer for Jennifer Armentrout’s A Soul of Ash and Blood sets up the epic love story beautifully and is an invigorating watch. Check out more of her books in this series at Blue Box Press. Trailer by yours truly!

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