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pandemic A.G. "Their trailers are often the first glimpse my readers get of my story. I add them to my web sites, Amazon page, and use them in my emails and facebook ads. They get readers excited and get results. As an author, it's really fun to work on--to see real actors and directors creating part of the narrative I worked on for so long." Author of Pandemic WATCH TRAILER RIDDLE medical medium ANTHONY "Film 14 produces the most brilliant and mesmerizing cinematic book trailers on the market today!" Author of Medical Medium WATCH TRAILER WILLIAM war of roses WARREN "My team and I hired Film 14 to produce my author trailer, but it didn't turn out as expected—it turned out even better. They captured the mood we wanted and turned our vision into something quite exceptional and amazing that transcended our expectations." Author of The War Of The Roses WATCH TRAILER ADLER monument savage drift EMMY "The trailer Film 14 made for my novel, Savage Drift is the best book trailer I’ve ever seen. It’s a trailer that should have cost ten times what they charged me." Author of Monument 14 Savage Drift WATCH TRAILER LAYBOURNE riven JANE "Hiring Film 14 to produce the book trailer for my debut novel, RIVEN, has hands down been the smartest marketing decision I've made. Authors, you don't need to look anywhere else. You've come to the right place." Author of Riven WATCH TRAILER A. HARRIS After the Woods KIM "I could not have been more pleased with my experience with Film 14, from the concept of my book trailer to its execution." Author of After the Woods WATCH TRAILER SAVAGE Many lives of... MICHAEL “I know of no one else in the world creating trailers at their level, and don’t plan to work with anyone else in the future.” Author of The Many Lives of Samuel Beauchamp WATCH TRAILER SIEMSEN Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails ANTHONY “The team at Film 14 did phenomenal work on the book trailer for my new memoir. They understood the moods and nuances of my book and transferred these to the film. They’re a professional and hard-working bunch.” Author of Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails WATCH TRAILER SWOFFORD executive command GARY “The creative and I mean Creative — capital “C” creative — team from Film 14 delivers above and beyond." Author of Executive Command WATCH TRAILER GROSSMAN your house in on fire STEFAN "I could not have been more pleased with my experience with Film 14, from the concept of my book trailer to its execution." Author of Your House Is on Fire... WATCH TRAILER KIESBYE whipping club DEBORAH “Artistic. Cinematic. Interesting. Film 14 and their forward-thinking staff have created a new art form.” Author of The Whipping Club WATCH TRAILER HENRY camouflage Lorene “Film 14 did not disappoint—they crafted a smart, beautiful piece of cinematic art that mirrors the collage of images I had in mind when writing the poems. I’m very pleased with the results.” Author of Camouflage for the Neighborhood WATCH TRAILER Delany-Ullman lyovitalis JULIE "A new author, lost in a sea of publicity options, I gambled on a book trailer by Film 14. I'm thrilled I did. One year later, their astounding visual execution of my novel continues to generate new readers: priceless in the world of publishing." Author of Lyovitalis WATCH TRAILER KIRTON CHANDLER RED TIDE DIVERSION "Working with Film 14 has been an excellent experience for Diversion Books. Highly recommended." Author of Red Tide WATCH TRAILER BOOKS girl of myth GISSELE "If you want to sell an indie book with a bang, you need to have an awesome trailer, and in order to have an awesome trailer, you need Film 14. I hope to come back to them again for all my books." Author of Girl of Myth and Legend WATCH TRAILER SIMLET summit lake CHARLIE "The final product exceeded my expectations. Without a doubt, the best marketing money I spent was on my book trailer, as it generated great interest leading up to publication." Author of Summit Lake WATCH TRAILER DONLEA what the valley knows HEATHER "I scoured the internet for book trailer companies. Again and again, the trailers that most impressed me were Film 14 creations. They are extremely professional and I would highly recommend them." Author of What the Valley Knows WATCH TRAILER CHRISTIE course ROBERT "I honestly cannot say enough about Film 14. They produced for my organization a top-quality book trailer, and for a fraction of prices I had been quoted. I highly recommend their work." Author of A Course in Miracles WATCH TRAILER PERRY pharaoh R.M. "If you are looking for someone to make or create your book trailer, this team is the best out there." Author of Eve of the Pharaoh WATCH TRAILER SCHULTZ trust KYLIE "Film 14 did a brilliant job on the trailer. Highly recommend." Author of Trust WATCH TRAILER SCOTT pandemic ELANA K. "Film 14 created a book trailer for my debut YA, SACRED. They understood my vision and absolutely brought it to life... horses and all! The whole experience was professional, straightforward, and tons of fun." Author of YA, SACRED WATCH TRAILER ARNOLD