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6 Crime Novels That Need to be Adapted ASAP

Crime Novels

Crime is cool and good. Both in real life and also fiction. For legal purposes I don’t know if I’m allowed to recommend our readers go commit crimes, but for criminal purposes I definitely can and do recommend it. I can also recommend half a dozen crime novels that need to be turned into films, so that’s what I will do…right…now. Well, in a second.

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9 Movies that Made People Read Again

movies based on books

We see you, wearing your “The Book Is Always Better than the Movie” t-shirt. We also see those of you earnestly discussing why this particular adaptation or other outshines its book.

The truth is somewhere between the two, especially because today some movies based on books, novels, memoirs, and even nonfiction titles are so amazing that they inspire people to read or re-read the original volume—and, in some cases, to read the rest of the author’s work.

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