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James Ellroy Adapts ‘American Tabloid’ as Scripted Podcast

American Tabloid Podcast

James Ellroy is bringing American Tabloid to the podcast platform Audio Up in a 12-part series. This may surprise some, but the author of noir crime classics The Black Dahlia and L.A. Confidential is becoming familiar with adapting his own work to the podcast format. Earlier this year, Ellroy began working on a podcast called Hollywood Death Trip, also for Audio Up. Now he’s bringing American Tabloid to the streamer and it is sure to be a ranging banger–and a long-awaited one, too. Ellroy fans have been teased over the years with attempted film adaptations by David Fincher, Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks, and James Franco. 

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Why Book Trailers and Cinematic Author Videos Are The New Book Launch!

book launch

In light of the lockdown non-events of 2020, it’s easy to see why book trailers and cinematic author videos are the new book launch. Since nobody knows how long the stay-at-home orders and social distancing will last and when we will be able to gather again for book readings by authors touring new works, the traditional book launch events need to be tweaked a little bit and spiced up with some tech. Book trailers have been steadily gaining popularity over the last decade–nowadays they’re a must for authors releasing new works or for those who want to give a marketing boost to their older stuff. 

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The 14 Most Underrated Book-To-Film Adaptations

book adaptations

Book-to-film adaptations don’t always get the respect they deserve. That’s where the cinephiles at Film-14 step in offering yet another crucial service to the film and literary communities, besides making amazing book trailers. It is not only our pleasure, but it is also our duty to serve you with a small list of films that history has left in the attic under a moldy pile of VHS tapes so that you too may enjoy their riches. Perhaps you’ve seen them and agree–or disagree–that these are the 14 most underrated book-to-film adaptations of all-time. 

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10 YA Book Trailers That Belong in Movie Theaters

YA book Trailers

Book trailer production quality continues to advance every year it seems. As more YA epics find their way to the screen, hoping to be the next Hunger Games, Harry Potter, or Twilight, it’s getting harder to differentiate between a trailer for a book and a movie trailer. The rise of cross-media collaboration in the literary world, particularly using video, is an exciting new addition to the vastly changing landscape of publishing. Here’s a list of 10 YA book trailers that do an excellent job of blurring the divide between the printed page and the silver screen.

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