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‘The Mauritanian’ Is Out Now!

the mauritanian

Here comes the true story of a man wrongfully imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay for 14 years, without a trial. In his memoir, Mohamedou Ould Salahi paints a horrific picture of what it was like to be locked up indefinitely without trial. Salahi is just one of the thousands of victims swept up in America’s aimless “War On Terror.” An ideological war that still rages on, continuing to justify America’s imperialistic agenda twenty years after 9/11. Salahi’s memoir served as the inspiration for The Mauritanian, now available for streaming on Netflix. 

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Would It Kill You to Put on Some Lipstick?

Holly Martyn has been dumped. Twice-divorced and a single parent, she is sitting in a spa feeling sorry for herself when she picks up a magazine and reads the advice Joan Rivers gives to console a friend in the same position: “Would it kill you to put on some lipstick? Get an on-line dating account, go on 100 dates and you’ll meet somebody.”

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The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe

Last Voyage of Poe Blythe

Poe Blythe is the young captain of her failing city’s last mining ship, traveling the Serpentine River and dredging up gold. But it isn’t gold on her mind. Two years ago, river raiders robbed Poe of everything she had. And now she wants revenge.

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Try the Exquisite Corpse Brainstorming Technique

Exquisite Corpse Technique

You wrote a book—but that doesn’t mean you have all the ideas you want to market it. If your budget is tight and you aren’t able to hire one of the best book-trailer production companies in the world (like Film 14!), or if you’d prefer to meet with a producer with some ideas in hand, but you’re fresh out of those ideas, we’ve got a technique that might shake up how you approach your material.

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A Percy Jackson Series is Coming to Disney Plus!

percy jackson series

Percy Jackson series hopefuls and fans of the books, rejoice! Rick Riordan’s epic book series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, is finally getting a live-action TV series, and it’s coming to Disney Plus! Riordan and his wife, Becky, made the announcement in a brief video on Twitter, saying “after a lot of hard work and a lot of support from you guys, Percy Jackson is coming to Disney Plus.”

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