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The Best Book Trailers of 2020

best book trailers 2020

Here at Film 14 we live and breathe book trailers. So when an exciting cinematic book movie hits the scene, we’re pretty keen on sniffing it out. We sailed through this trash fire of a year and, like a burning comet blazing through outer space, we’re heading straight into the darkness of the next… but not without first paying our respects to the best book trailers of 2020.  

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The Land Without Color

Land Without Color

What if you were transported to a land without color? And the only one who could restore it was you? When Alvin gets a mysterious pack of gum for his birthday, he, of course, blows a bubble as large as he can. But when that bubble carries him away to a far-off land where everything is gray, he’s in for the adventure of his life, and more than a little danger….because he’s the only one who can restore the Kingdom of Color to its former glory. 

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Prodigy Slave

At age ten, Lily is torn from her mother’s arms and sold at a slave auction by her master, a man who Lily learns that very day is her own father. Seeking solace from the devastation, Lily secretly begins teaching herself to play her new master’s piano, which is forbidden.

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7 Music Albums Paired with Kickass Books

kick ass books

It’s bizarre that films often have accompanying soundtracks, but books don’t. If I was in charge of literally anything, issuing out book soundtracks would be my number-one priority. Don’t trust my album-book pairing capabilities? Ha-ha! Looks like you’ve already fallen directly into my trap. Take a look below and get prepared to be proven wrong once again.

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How to get an agent: 7 Tips for Novelists

get an agent

One of the many mystifying zen koans in show business is, “you have to have an agent to get an agent.” It may not be literally true, but the principle behind the cliche is that you have to be actively engaged in your craft and knocking down doors to get noticed. With so many options available to artists today for self-promoting their work, most agents only want to represent clients who are showing up for their own careers by doing as much footwork as possible on their own. This is especially true in the literary world.

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6 Crime Novels That Need to be Adapted ASAP

Crime Novels

Crime is cool and good. Both in real life and also fiction. For legal purposes I don’t know if I’m allowed to recommend our readers go commit crimes, but for criminal purposes I definitely can and do recommend it. I can also recommend half a dozen crime novels that need to be turned into films, so that’s what I will do…right…now. Well, in a second.

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