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50 Most Cinematic Book Trailers Ever Made (Updated)!

cinematic book trailers

Cinematic book trailers are not only useful and ground-breaking in the book community right now, but some book trailers are even winning awards. They are that amazing! When a 1-minute, cinematic book trailer is able to capture the essence of 300+ pages, an award is more than deserving. Here are the 50 most cinematic book trailers ever made–the best, the greatest, and the most viewed. Prepare yourself for fandom bliss.

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The 14 Most Insane Book Trailers Ever!

insane book trailers

We’re lovers of insane trailers here at Film 14. Not only the cinematic book trailers that look like a scene straight out of the movie adaptation, but also the smaller, weirder ones that showcase a new approach to the conventional format. This collection of the 14 most insane book trailers ever has it all: violent, action-packed, animated, quirky, silly, and beyond. Be warned, some of these trailers are graphic. 

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How to Use a Book Trailer to Market Your Book

How to Use a Book Trailer

You’ve decided to create a book trailer for your book—congrats! But now comes the most important question: how are you going to use it? And how do you make sure your trailer is seen by as many readers and buyers as possible? Here are a few strategies we recommend.

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