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Why Book Trailers and Cinematic Author Videos Are The New Book Launch (Updated)!

book launch

In light of the lockdown non-events of 2020, it’s easy to see why book trailers and cinematic author videos are the new book launch. Since nobody knows how long the stay-at-home orders and social distancing will last and when we will be able to gather again for book readings by authors touring new works, the traditional book launch events need to be tweaked a little bit and spiced up with some tech. Book trailers have been steadily gaining popularity over the last decade–nowadays they’re a must for authors releasing new works or for those who want to give a marketing boost to their older stuff. 

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Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood: The Novelization

Once Upon a time in hollywood novelization

Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood recently found a new, expanded life as a novelization. The 2019 Tarantino flick about Hollywood in ’69 is polarizing. But whether you loved or loathed the director’s choice to re-write history, one thing is certain–this film got a lot of people talking. So why aren’t they talking more about the novelization of the film? 

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Leave No Man Behind

A story of perseverance, courage, and patriotism behind the 75th Ranger Regiment’s rescue mission following one of the deadliest Special Ops incidents in Afghanistan. A grueling search for twelve Navy SEAL casualties and eight downed Night Stalkers… with one lone survivor

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Can Books and Films Be Sold As NFTs? 

NFT books

NFTs are revolutionizing the way we think about art, value, and currency. If you’re an artist this is either very exciting or very scary news, depending on your willingness to let go of old ideas in favor of new, intangible, and often confusing ones. This is the bottom line: NFTs are here to stay, and it’s a good idea to get on board before the train is too crowded. It’s already getting there! 

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5 Major Adaptations in Production in 2021

2021 adaptations

As book trailer makers, we’re all about seeing books adapted for the screen. So we get excited when we hear news of big stars and major production companies acquiring literary rights. We get even more excited when we hear they’re getting ready to go into production. Here’s a taste of what’s shooting in 2021.

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14 More Film Adaptations To Watch Out For In 2021

2021 film adaptations

This is shaping up to be a good year for literary film adaptations. Many releases that were postponed in 2020, like the new Dune movie, have eager fans chomping at the bit. We posted an article recently about some literary adaptations we’re excited to see hit screens in 2021. Clearly, there are just too many for one article to contain! Thus, we present 14 more adaptations to watch out for in 2021. 

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Noah Baumbach’s ‘White Noise’ Netflix Adaptation  

white noise adaptation

Noah Baumbach has been making personal and engaging films since his directorial debut with 1995’s Kicking And Screaming (made when he was just 26 years old). Last year’s Marriage Story starring Scarlett Johansen, and frequent collaborator, Adam Driver, received several Oscar nominations. Two for Baumbach (Best Director and Best Original Screenplay) and a Best Supporting Actress win for cast member Laura Dern. This year, Baumbach and (possibly) Driver are back with a project in the works–a film adaptation of White Noise, the 8th novel from author Don DeLillo. 

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The 14 Most Insane Book Trailers Ever!

insane book trailers

We’re lovers of insane trailers here at Film 14. Not only the cinematic book trailers that look like a scene straight out of the movie adaptation, but also the smaller, weirder ones that showcase a new approach to the conventional format. This collection of the 14 most insane book trailers ever has it all: violent, action-packed, animated, quirky, silly, and beyond. Be warned, some of these trailers are graphic. 

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