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The 14 Best MasterClasses For Authors 

Masterclasses for authors

Why learn from the rest when you can learn from the best? Anyone concerned with the written word–aspiring writer, or pro–can benefit from the practical and inspirational lessons offered by some of the greatest writers of our time with MasterClass. We’ve compiled a list of the 14 best MasterClasses for authors that will enrich a writer’s life at any stage of the game.

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The Best Book Trailers of 2020

best book trailers 2020

Here at Film 14 we live and breathe book trailers. So when an exciting cinematic book movie hits the scene, we’re pretty keen on sniffing it out. We sailed through this trash fire of a year and, like a burning comet blazing through outer space, we’re heading straight into the darkness of the next… but not without first paying our respects to the best book trailers of 2020.  

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Trailer Reveal: The Land Without Color

The Land Without Color trailer reveal

Benjamin Ellefson is the author of The Land Without Color, a fantasy series for young people full of valuable real-world lessons. Below is the official trailer reveal! This middle grade fantasy book trailer produced by Film 14 and directed by The Deka Brothers (Half Bad, Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist). Here Ellefson shares his inspiration for writing, offers a window into The Land Without Color series, and touches on how making a deliberate choice to self-publish has helped him connect with fans. 

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14 Book Trailers With Millions Of Views

book trailers with millions of views

The verdict is in, folks. Have we not said it enough? Book trailers are an indispensable tool for evangelizing books to the online world. We’ve compiled a list of 14 book trailers with millions of views with the hope of sharing one valuable insight with our writer friends: book trailers work, period. Shame on writers who haven’t made a little book movie for their story yet–look at these views! 

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The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe

Last Voyage of Poe Blythe

Poe Blythe is the young captain of her failing city’s last mining ship, traveling the Serpentine River and dredging up gold. But it isn’t gold on her mind. Two years ago, river raiders robbed Poe of everything she had. And now she wants revenge.

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Prodigy Slave

At age ten, Lily is torn from her mother’s arms and sold at a slave auction by her master, a man who Lily learns that very day is her own father. Seeking solace from the devastation, Lily secretly begins teaching herself to play her new master’s piano, which is forbidden.

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