Secret Keeper

Jane Alvey Harris


Secret Keeper is the second part of the My Myth trilogy, and this astonishingly insightful and moving YA fantasy novel takes us even deeper into the painful reality of Emily’s existence. If you thought that the first novel in this young adult trilogy was moving, fascinating, unique and powerful… just wait and see what lies between the pages of this remarkable sequel to the first psychological thriller.

directed by
Nell Teare

Max Rosen

Produced by
Film 14

Director of Photography
Julia Swain


Secret Keeper is as gorgeously written as Emily's process to healing is rendered. This is a standout novel that will leave audiences eagerly reaching for the next installment

Foreword Reviews

Harris once more brings to bear a formidable imagination as her heroine seeks healing. While there are elves, goblins, and giant spiders, this isn't a traditional quest narrative. Concepts such as sexual consent and self-forgiveness dominate the foreground.

Kirkus Reviews

Jane Alvey Harris has such a fresh, youthful voice and writes with modern flair... Secret Keeper is a five-star story all Young Adults should read...

Reader Views

Secret Keeper is inspired and imaginative. Harris is an alchemist, blending fantasy, tragedy, and a determined heroine fueled by magic and hope. Like Riven, this sequel crackles with mind-bending electrical charge.

Michael BuckleyAuthor of The Sisters Grimm and The Undertow Trilogy

Jane Alvey Harris

Jane Alvey Harris has a Humanities degree from Brigham Young University with emphasis in Art History, Italian Language, and Studio Art. She’s CRAZY about the visual and performing arts! She enjoys playing classical piano, painting & sketching, singing & acting, and especially writing poetry & prose.

But her real passion is PEOPLE. She loves to watch and study what makes us tick as human beings. She’s definitely a dreamer, and her favorite thing to do is weave together sublime settings and stories for characters to live and learn in… herself included.

She currently lives in an enchanted fairy-princess castle in Dallas, Texas, with her three often-adorable children and their three seldom-adorable cats.