Red Tide by Jeff Lindsay Book Trailer Release

We’re very proud to release this cinematic book trailer for the best-selling author Jeff Lindsay’s new book, Red Tide! Part two of the ex-cop, Key West detective Billy Knight Thriller series, Red Tide continues the story Lindsay began 20 years ago with his classic debut thriller, Tropical Depression. We’ll cut Lindsay some slack on the 20-year hiatus, because, you know, it’s not like he wasn’t busy writing eight novels about everyone’s favorite Miami-based vigilante serial killer Dexter Morgan.

“…a game of cat and mouse that builds to an utterly terrifying climax on the high seas.” 
                                – Publisher’s Weekly

When Diversion Books, the awesome indie publisher releasing Red Tide, approached us to shoot a book trailer, they came to us with an innovative idea. Oftentimes, before a book’s release, authors and publishers will make an event of the book cover reveal. It’s a great way to drum up some excitement for a new, highly anticipated release. Book trailers themselves are another way of creating awareness about a book. Diversion Books had the brilliant idea to nest a book cover reveal inside of a book trailer, which we loved.
We were lucky enough to have the pleasure of casting Omar Salazar, the phenomenal professional skateboarder, in the role of lead detective. It’s at this point no longer a little known fact that Omar is fast becoming as good an actor as he is a skater, not to mention he looks great with a badge!
The book trailer was created by Red 14’s Rocco Rivetti, and it bears noting that although Rocco provides a lot of creative direction and produces many of R14’s videos, the Red Tide trailer is his directorial debut for the company. Shot in 4K by cinematographer Gilles O’Kane, the subtle movements of the camera effortlessly capture the moodiness of the crime scene.
Watch the trailer here: 


Hungry after finishing the final book in Lindsay’s blockbuster Dexter series, Dexter is Dead, fans have been asking for more—and though the pub date for Red Tide is still a month away (October 27th, 2015) many have already begun to preorder. But if you haven’t already read Tropical Depression, the first in the series, you’re in luck – if you pick up a copy today that’s plenty of time to catch up before the late October release of the sequel!


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