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‘Red Deception’ is out now!

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Red Deception is the second installment in the Red Hotel series by Gary Grossman and Ed Fuller. A geopolitical thriller that will keep you awake at night hoping actual terrorists don’t read this book–it’s that real. And why not? It’s co-written by guys who know the world they’ve created inside out, based on their actual experience.

Meet The Authors


Author Gary Grossman

Gary Grossman spent years in practically every aspect of media as a journalist, columnist, reporter, and media historian. And he is definitely no stranger to geo-thrillers. His bestselling Executive series is another ripped-from-the-headlines geopolitical thriller. He’s even written a geological thriller Old Earth that spans all of time and stars Gallileo, among other historical legends. 


Author Ed Fuller

Ed Fuller spent a forty-year career with Marriott International which included twenty-two years as president and managing director. He’s also a retired U.S. Army captain with Bronze Star and Army Commendation medals to his name. Upon retiring from his job as an international hospitality executive, Fuller began blogging for Forbes and other hospitality industry media. His debut You Can’t Lead With Your Feet On The Desk received worldwide distribution and was published in several languages. 

The James Bond Connection

The two authors met through Bruce Feirstein, the screenwriter of the first three ‘90s James Bond films starring Pierce Brosnan. As the story goes, Gary and Bruce are neighbors and ran into each other on a neighborhood stroll one evening. Bruce, who knew Ed from a Boston University board, told Gary that his friend was looking for a writing partner for a new thriller series, and put the two writers in touch. Thus began a fruitful collaboration that has seen the authors through the research and writing of three books.

Readers of Red Deception will instantly sense the authenticity of this fictional world. This is precisely why the book is so compelling, thrilling, and scary. So, let’s cut to the chase. What would happen if terrorists decided to bomb every major bridge in the U.S. and cut off our water supply? Red Deception outlines it very clearly! 

‘Red Deception’ By Gary Grossman and Ed Fuller 

Red Deception will wake you up like a cold shower. The story gallops along in pulse-pounding rhythm from the start. All the while, the reader can never rest comfortably in knowing the protagonist will actually succeed in his mission. He is met with obstacles and doubts at every turn. The deeper he descends into the world of terrorism, the fewer people he can trust. Duty might lead Dan Reilly to make the ultimate sacrifice, but not before he’s dragged through the media mud. And what’s a good spy story without the quintessential femme fatale? Red Deception has it all, but possibly its most significant offering is the realism that it brings to the table. 

Terrorism, Sex, and Russian Spies

Dan Reilly, a former State Department army intelligence officer, is the current president of the International Kensington Royal Hotel Corporation. One morning while in Washington D.C. traffic, a scenario Reilly once outlined as a terrorist threat unfolds before his eyes.

Trucks loaded with explosives blow up the Potomac bridge, killing 100 people and igniting a terrible train of circumstances. While Reilly is busy helping victims, simultaneous bombings occur in New York City and St. Louis. This attack is almost identical to the warning Reilly gave to the State Department when he was an intelligence officer. If the terrorists are actually following his projections, the Hoover Dam is next, which would cut off water and power to the entire Southwest. 

When the FBI discovers Reilly’s report, they begin to suspect he may have been the source of the leak. The CIA recruits Reilly to investigate the attacks and he becomes ensnared in a world of terrorism and espionage. He inherits all of the James Bond-level circumstances that could happen to a former intelligence officer in the “real world.” Faced with a choice between his career as an international executive and his duty to the CIA, Reilly sets off on an excursion through South America, then Europe, attempting to find out how his confidential report fell into the hands of terrorists. Meanwhile, a New York Times reporter is hot on his trail through Eastern Europe as Russian and Ukrainian tensions escalate.  

An assassination attempt against the U.S. President puts an under-qualified and power-hungry Vice President in the hot seat as Commander-In-Chief. To make matters worse North Korea aims its nukes at Venezuela, distracting the US while Russia invades Ukraine. 

A Blueprint For Dismantling U.S. Infrastructure 

Red Deception is packed with fictionalized current events, slightly altered recent history, and predictions for tomorrow’s headlines. How do the U.S. terrorist attacks relate to Russia’s ambition to reclaim control over its Cold War satellite nations? Reilly intends to find out. 

As the plot unfolds, Reilly discovers he can trust fewer and fewer people he once considered close allies. Not to mention, he’s lost his anonymity as a citizen. Now he’s got the media on his tail, critiquing his every action. Hey, it’s only the fate of the free world resting on his shoulders, no big deal. 

The terrorists used Reilly’s how-to prediction for dismantling the U.S. infrastructure and they’ve only just begun. Talk about a guilty conscience, right? Clandestine operatives are all over this action-packed thriller, leaving us constantly wondering who is working for the Russian government and who, if anyone, can be trusted. Fuller and Grossman don’t give up the goods until we’ve paid our dues, keeping us riveted until the final page.  

Extensive Research

Of course, a book like Red Deception is only convincing if the authors know their facts. It’s clear these guys have done their homework. In addition to consulting first-hand experience and reading sources galore, the authors sought help from experts within the establishment. The FBI, military intelligence officers, submarine commanders, constitutional experts, Russian history professors, and White House insiders were all part of breathing authentic life into this novel. The authors claim that daily research was part of their writing process during the creation of the Red Hotel series. 

Could this really happen?

In an interview with Booktrib, Gary Grossman and Ed Fuller spoke about their workflow and the authenticity they strive to bring to their novels. 

The books are loaded with real and present dangers from the inside out, making for what we liked to call “completely novel novels”: authentic, realistic, edge-of-your-seat rides because readers get to be in the shoes of someone who experienced so many of the scenarios.”

Experts from within the U.S. government intelligence community have gone on record to back Fuller and Grossman as well.

Edward Bradstreet, a special agent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security says Red Deception is a “worst-case scenario” that “provides an in-depth and realistic ground-level view of the type of asymmetric nation-state sponsored threats faced by the agencies tasked with protecting the United States both domestically and abroad.” 

Rear Admiral Paul Becker, USN (Ret.) says, “As the former Director of Intelligence (J2) for the U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii and Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon, I know these dangerous scenarios are plausible, which makes RED DECEPTION all the more thrilling.  Infrastructure attacks, Russian aggression, bumbling national leaders, North Korea malign activity, Venezuelan dangers – Fuller and Grossman’s exciting story mirrors reality.”

The Next Installment 

The first book in the Red Hotel series set the stage for an international terrorism ploy with a communist flavor. The second book, Red Deception brings it all home to U.S. soil and raises the stakes. Now Red Chaos will take us to China, exploring an all-too-real 100-year plan for dominating the global economy. Red Chaos is rumored to drop sometime in 2022. Stay tuned! 


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