Last week was a very exciting week. We released a record four book trailers in four consecutive days. Now that the dust’s had a chance to settle, we’re taking this opportunity to explore these trailers on our blog. First up, are the two fantasy book trailers – for Honor Raconteur’s The Deepwoods Saga and Giselle Simlett’s Girl of Myth and Legend.

DEEPWOODS by Honor Raconteur, Official Book Trailer from Film 14 on Vimeo.

Lovers of Adventure and Fantasy novels already have a lot of praise for The Deepwoods Saga, now on its third book. Each book in the series is an immersive narrative set in the low-magic world of Verheimr. After reading this short excerpt from the first novel, it’s difficult not to get swept up in the story:

“I was stopped by a messenger from Blackstone,” Sylvie said simply and held out a folded sheet of paper that had been sealed with black wax, the crest of the main guild of the city impressed into it. “Seems urgent.” Siobhan broke the seal with a quick twist of her fingers before unfolding the paper. Deepwoods had strong ties to Blackstone, the master guild of Goldschmidt, and often took on minor jobs for them. To be given a message like this wasn’t unusual. To get it this late in the day, however, spoke of impending trouble. She scanned through the letter quickly and unease coiled into a cold lump in her stomach. “Listen up,” she called to the table, not taking her eyes from the letter. A hush instantly descended. “This came directly from Guildmaster Darrens. His daughter Lirah has gone missing.” “Missing?!” several people repeated in shock. “She apparently was going to Sateren to negotiate something for her father but she never got there. He’s verified that she went through Island Pass so she at least got to Wynngaard, but it’s now three days past when she was meant to arrive and there’s no sign of her.” She raised her head and looked around the table, stating what everyone had already guessed. “He’s asked us to go after her.”

Our series book trailer focuses on the main character, Guildmaster Siobhan Maley, surveying the coastal landscape of Verheimr.

Shot by F14 Filmmaker Justin Duval, the book trailer stars Marisa Quinn of the Twilight Series.

The second fantasy book trailer production we released last week is for Giselle Simlett’s forthcoming Girl of Myth and Legend, book one in the Chosen series.

CHOSEN GIRL OF MYTH AND LEGEND by Giselle Simlet from Film 14 on Vimeo.

The synopsis:

A girl with a past she tries to forget, and a future she can’t even imagine.

Leonie Woodville wants to live an unremarkable life. She wants routine, she wants repetition, she wants predictability. So when she explodes in a blaze of light one morning on the way to her college, it’s enough to put a real crimp in her day.

And things only get weirder…

Leonie learns from her father that she is last of the Pulsar, a phenomenally powerful member of a magical species called the Chosen. It will be her sole duty to protect the Imperium, a governing hierarchy, from all enemies, and to exceed the reputation of the Pulsar before her. So – no pressure there, then.

Leonie is swept away from her rigorous normality and taken to a world of magic. There, she is forced into a ceremony to join her soul to a guardian, Korren, who is both incredibly handsome and intensely troubled, a relationship for which ‘it’s complicated’ just really doesn’t cut it.

But Leonie is soon to learn that this ancient world is no paradise. With violent dissidents intent to overthrow the Imperium, and dark entities with their own agenda, she and Korren find themselves caught in a war where they will have to overcome their differences if they are to survive.

Dare to dream. Dare to hope. Dare to be a legend.

Shot by Tom Chapman, the balance between routine life and thrilling magical adventure is the crux of the cinematic book trailer.

Watch out for more book trailer release posts in the next few days!

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