Beloved authors: you asked, we listened – we are proud to announce a new type of trailer to our list of services.

TITLE TRAILERS are compact and bespoke text videos which we think are essential to every author’s marketing plan, and most importantly, suitable for every author’s marketing budget – and infinitely customizable to your needs.

Here at Film 14, we specialize in cinematic book trailers. We work closely with our team of entertainment professionals to create the best book trailers available on the market. Our actors, writers, and directors all lend their unique expertise to each project – resulting in a premium product — for example, our latest trailer for May Sage’s STRANDS OF STARFIRE.

However, all that man-power results in a (reasonably) hefty price tag, and many of our clients have long expressed interest in a more budget-friendly option.

With title trailers, we take the same commitment to quality and go back to the basic tenet of book trailers: capturing the essence of your written work in motion.

Starting at USD 750.00, the basic title trailer includes everything a good promotional spot needs: information about your product delivered in an attractive package. We’ve decided to let you truly build your own with a selection of add-ons, from professional voice over work to an original score – and a pretty sweet deal when ordered with one of our cinematic trailers.

With this new product, we here at Film 14 hope that our services will be more accessible to many of you who have expressed interest in our work. We thank you again for all your support and love for our company.

Click here to start a book trailer production.

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