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Book Teasers are Book Trailers Made Quick and Easy!

By February 2, 2024February 19th, 2024No Comments

Book Teasers are budget-friendly alternatives to our full-scale book trailer productions. We’ve organized Book Teasers into three tiers. Each tier comes with additional Square and Vertical formats for Instagram, TikTok, X, and more so you end up with quite a bit of video for your book marketing.

Tier 1

Includes one sixty-second trailer, three shorter verticals and three squares.

Cost: $1,500

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Tier 2

Includes one thirty-second trailer, two vertical versions, and two squares.

Cost: $1,000

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Tier 3

Includes one fifteen-second trailer, one vertical, and one square.

Cost: $500

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We work closely with authors to create the best book teasers available on the market. Our teasers span all genres and can include animation, live-action or both. Our clients have long expressed interest in a more budget-friendly option.

With book teasers, we take the same commitment to quality and go back to the basic tenet of book trailers: capturing the essence of your written work in motion. Click here for some more examples:

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