Globes Disease

Lance Oliver Keeble


Jodi and her friends all suffer from the same affliction. Each of them have to deal with their struggles in their own personal way.

These unfortunate residents of the small quiet town of La Mort Douce must band together as their peace is threatened by a mysterious Vampire, Hunters who treat them like wild game and a Government Agency with promises of a cure.

With many more threats looming, this eclectic group must come together to achieve a common goal.

They must fight for their humanity or die alone, like animals.

Globes Disease.

A thrilling action-packed novel about Lycanthropy seen through the eyes of 7 brave souls who suffer from the disease.
Do you have it?

Directed and edited by
Justin Duval

Produced by
Film 14

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Lance Oliver Keeble

Lance Oliver Keeble resides in Los Angeles, California where he’s worked a blue collar job for 30 years, an experience that helped shape his current style.

A writer most his life, Lance is passionate for a variety of books, genres and authors. For more visit: