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Best Book Trailers of 2017

Book Trailer Wonder Land: Film 14 Year in Review!

By December 27, 2017October 11th, 2021No Comments

Merry holidays and happy festivities! 2017 was an exciting year in book trailer wonder land, with more productions than ever before, including young adult, literary fiction, and author trailers. What are author trailers? They’re cinematic portraits of authors that can be used over the course of many years.

While we’re all figuring out exactly where 2017 went, we’ve gone ahead and compiled Film 14’s Year in Review. Happy watching!


The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr

We flew our crew out to good ol’ Iceland to capture Emily Barr’s best-selling debut novel about one girl (Flora) and her one memory. Everything changes for Flora when she kisses Drake, her best friend’s boyfriend, the night before he leaves town. Miraculously, this one memory stays with Flora’s fractured, short-term-memory-less mind.

Think Memento. Think We Were Liars. Think about visiting Amazon to grab Flora Banks here.

Twisted Threads by Kaylin McFarren

“Geisha on a quest for revenge,” doesn’t sound like the premise of a steamy sexy read, but that’s exactly what Kaylin McFarren’s fourth entry in the Threads series is.

Not to be confused with Lea Wait’s knitting-themed “mainely (sic.) needlepoint” mystery, Twisted Threads (available on Amazon) follows Akira Hamada as she embarks on a Carribean Cruise to carry out her employers’ quest for revenge. Oh and her employer is also her sister’s killer. And also that she falls in love. Yeah, things get real messy.

The Book of All Lovers by Bruno A. Ribeiro

I chatted with Bruno about his modern fairytale, The Book of All Lovers, which is an excellent homage to the age-old art form of the poetic epic. The beautiful book features illustrations by Bruno himself and tells of the journey of one man as he quests for the mythical Rose of Sharon.

Available here.


 What the Valley Knows by Heather Christie

I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Heather Christie about the release of her debut YA thriller, What the Valley Knows (you can find the interview here), and am still impressed by the 7-year process it took her to write this book.

What the Valley Knows drops on January 25th and is available here for pre-order.

 Trust by Kylie Scott 

Shot on location in Memphis, Tennessee, TRUST is New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Kylie Scott’s YA debut. The book follows Edie’s life after she is held hostage during a robbery at a local convenience store and the boy who rescued her. We’re thinking Fault in Our Stars meets Die Hard with substantially less weapons-grades explosives and way more heart.

You can snag Trust on Amazon here.


 Eve of the Pharaoh by R.M. Schultz

Who isn’t fascinated by the process of mummification (specifically the part where they pull your brain out by the nose)? R.M. Schultz’s Eve of the Pharaoh won’t be half as gory, but will take you on an adventure through history with a healthy dose of mystery.

You can grab Eve of the Pharaoh here.

Hearing Voices, A Novel by Axel Cruise

We all have voices in our head, but Axel Cruise’s novel goes above and beyond your typical self-destructive activities and right into the realm of high-stakes intrigue. Think Oceans 11 meets Split. If you’re into that and a touch of Tarantino, you can straight up buy the book right here.

Our Young Guardians: Seven & Two by Rodi Szoke

On the other end of the adventure spectrum is the slightly more magical tale of Our Young Guardians. Rodi Szoke’s first entry in the series, Seven & Two, explores the story of “one who was brave enough to leave behind what he knew.”

I’m intrigued. And so is your Amazon shopping cart, methinks.


Author trailers have become almost as popular as book trailers because they’re affordable and you can use them pretty much forever. Here are just a couple of the popular vids we’ve made this year.


Warren Adler Author Video

Bestselling author of The War of the Roses Warren Adler talks about craft, process, and why he’s the luckiest guy in the world.


The My Myth trilogy is back next year when Jane Alvey Harris drops Secret Keeper. We have some great material coming out from the author herself in next few months, so watch this space!


Need a book trailer? Film 14 offers book trailers for authors and services such as audiobook recording, book cover design, and more! Check us out here, or shoot us an email! Want to make your own book trailer? Check out our free guide!