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Cut is a work of transgressive literary fiction about a failed actor named Gabriel who finds his way into a small ring of underground suburban knife duelists in Miami. As Gabriel navigates this world and becomes acquainted and connected with the assortment of figures within it, he struggles with the fallout of what happened to him six years ago, when he and his friends were attacked by a knife wielding sociopath.

Adam Cushman

Music by
Max Cooper

Produced by
Film 14

James Duval, Hemky Madera, Nick Principe


Cushman stabs and slashes his way through CUT at a dizzying pace, deftly staging a series of gripping scenarios and character revelations, until all but the exposed heart of the book remains on the blood-slick chopping block–or, rather, the living room floor. He has crafted a vicious and inventively gruesome tale that doesn’t let emotions off the hook.

Kenneth CalhounAuthor of Black Moon

Adam Cushman is deranged in all the right ways. While some will describe his debut novel Cut as equal doses Bret Easton Ellis, Chuck Palahniuk, and Takashi Miike, the truth is that it is one hundred percent pure, grade-A, primo Cushman. Don’t try it if you don’t want to be hooked!

Jeff ParkerOvenman

CUT is a wild ride of a novel. It’ll have you on the seat of your pants anxiously anticipating the next crazy cut. Reading it feels dangerous, even slightly illegal. In two words–the book is a fucking blast.

Anthony SwoffordAuthor of Jarhead

Dystopia is often the misguided nostalgia for a world of first things, a brutal simplicity that forces a spear into your calloused hand. But Adam Cushman gives us the real thing. Cut is dystopia at its messiest and nastiest – set in the here and now, it shows what happens when people despair of modern complexity and instead choose violence. Part satire, part scathing social commentary, and spellbinding throughout, this novel is the dirty masterpiece we deserve.

Stefan KiesbyeYour House Is on Fire, Your Children All Gone

With brutal sincerity and cinematic flair, Adam Cushman pulls out our hair, lops off our ears, and stabs us all right in the guts with this pink-haired extraterrestrial freak of a novel. Trauma first gives way to obsession, then to fascination, then to outright fanaticism, as Cushman delivers not only a haunting portrait of a young man wounded, and re-wounded, on every physical and psychic square inch of his being but also an unflinching account of pan-cultural greed and violence slashing their way deeper and deeper into the heart of the American living room.

Joshua KornreichAuthor of Knotty, Knotty, Knotty and The Boy Who Killed Caterpillars

This novel should come with a warning label. But since it doesn’t I’m here to say: BE PREPARED. Cut, Adam Cushman’s debut novel frightens, twists, howls with absurdity, hilarity and heartbreak and does so at crazy-ass, extreme speed. A terrifying, unsparing and moving novel, Cushman has upped the meaning of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Victoria RedelAuthor of Make Me Do Things

If this book doesn’t cause a heart attack or, at the least, some serious arrhythmia, you should see a doctor.

Jim KrusoeAuthor of Parsifal

Adam Cushman’s CUT runs dark and deep. With prose as sharp as Palahniuk’s and a heartbeat as loud as Nathaniel West’s, this unforgettable novel goes straight for your jugular.

Kristopher JansmaAuthor of The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards

With Cut, Adam Cushman has given us an excruciating and oh-so-welcome, delicious mirror—terrifyingly relative in its deceivingly wanton desires yet also ripe in its innocent agonies—we are asked, which horror is more: the external darkness, or what roils within? Check it, now.

Joseph MattsonAuthor of Empty the Sun
adam cushman

Adam Cushman

Adam Cushman holds an MFA in fiction writing from Columbia University. His short stories have appeared in The Mississippi Review, Trop, The St. Petersburg Review, El Portal and elsewhere. He is a producer at Film 14 and the director of two feature films: Restraint and The Maestro. He’s currently preparing his third feature, a crime drama based on the acclaimed short film Five Families.