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YA fiction

9 of the Best YA Adaptations on Netflix Right Now

best ya adaptations

There’s nothing quite as exciting as seeing the young adult novel you absolutely love turn into a film that fully captures the same feelings you had while reading the book. Lucky for us, Netflix keeps adapting more and more young adult novels into movies or series. We’ve pulled together a list of our favorites so you can read and watch to your heart’s content!

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10 YA Book Trailers That Belong in Movie Theaters

YA book Trailers

Book trailer quality continues to advance every year it seems. As more YA epics find their way to becoming movies, hoping to be the next Hunger Games, Harry Potter, or Fault in Our Stars, it’s getting harder to differentiate between a trailer for a book and a movie trailer. The rise of cross-media collaboration in the literary world, particularly using video, is an exciting new addition to the vastly changing landscape of publishing. Here’s a list of 10 YA book trailers that do an excellent job of blurring the divide between the printed page and the silver screen.

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