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Film 14

A Soul of Ash and Blood

A great primal power has risen. The Queen of Flesh and Fire has become the Primal of Blood and Bone—the true Primal of Life and Death. And the battle Casteel, Poppy, and their allies have been fighting has only just begun. Gods are awakening across Iliseeum and the mortal realm, readying for the war to come.

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7 Music Albums Paired with Kickass Books

kick ass books

It’s bizarre that films often have accompanying soundtracks, but books don’t. If I was in charge of literally anything, issuing out book soundtracks would be my number-one priority. Don’t trust my album-book pairing capabilities? Ha-ha! Looks like you’ve already fallen directly into my trap. Take a look below and get prepared to be proven wrong once again.

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12 Free Videos that are Better than an MFA in Creative Writing

creative writing

Are you interested in creative writing? Wait! Before you spend more than you’ll ever make as a writer on your first month’s tuition getting a Creative Writing degree, watch these videos. This is your free MFA program in creative writing, courtesy of Film 14. You can thank us in the preface of your debut novel. Check out what these modern legends of literature have to say about the craft of creative writing and start hitting the page with your thoughts. When you’re done, we’re positive you’ll agree that these 12 free videos are better than an MFA in creative writing. 

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The Best Book Covers Of 2021 (So Far)

The best book covers are magnetic. They draw us in, commanding the helpless consumer to heed the call: YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK. Will the helpless consumer obey or will they scroll past the book released in 2021 to cultivate their intellect with a more rarefied choice? Maybe something by a dead Russian author with an unpronounceable name? Readers are viewers first and whether or not people give a new release the time of day depends on the cover art. Period. Since we’re only halfway through the year these are the 21 best book covers of 2021 (so far)…in no particular order. Let’s hope the rest of the year’s book covers are as good as these. 

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