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50 Most Cinematic Book Trailers Ever Made (Updated)!

cinematic book trailers

Cinematic book trailers are not only useful and ground-breaking in the book community right now, but some book trailers are even winning awards. They are that amazing! When a 1-minute, cinematic book trailer is able to capture the essence of 300+ pages, an award is more than deserving. Here are the 50 most cinematic book trailers ever made–the best, the greatest, and the most viewed. Prepare yourself for fandom bliss.

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10 Book Trailers Starring Oscar Winners, Nominees and 1 Host

book trailers oscar winners

You don’t need an Oscar-winning actor to make a successful book trailer…but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Believe it or not, some artists that have been blessed by the Academy are willing to stoop so low as to star in a book trailer, of all things. Well, get this. The format is so legit that even folks from the establishment are jumping on board and it’s not even weird. Well, sometimes it is. Speaking of weird, the 93rd Academy Awards airs Monday April 25th and will be the first-ever Oscars ceremony with no in-person attendance. Sadly, there will be no reporters on the red carpet asking stars, “Who designed your mask?” In light of the upcoming awards season, here’s an interesting little list of 10 book trailers starring Oscar winners (or noms). Some of them are quite surprising.

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How To Use A Book Trailer Or Mood Reel To Pitch To Netflix

pitch to Netflix

Right now everyone has an idea or a story they want to pitch to Netflix. Pitching a great story idea to the mother of all streaming platforms is no easy task but it’s not impossible. After all, Netflix is designed to churn out seasons of binge-worthy shows to keep viewers hooked and these ideas come from filmmakers, writers, and producers who are people just like you…except they’ve already found their connection.  

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