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Best Book Trailers

The 14 Most Insane Book Trailers Ever!

insane book trailers

We’re lovers of insane trailers here at Film 14. Not only the cinematic book trailers that look like a scene straight out of the movie adaptation, but also the smaller, weirder ones that showcase a new approach to the conventional format. This collection of the 14 most insane book trailers ever has it all: violent, action-packed, animated, quirky, silly, and beyond. Be warned, some of these trailers are graphic. 

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The Best Book Trailers of 2020

best book trailers 2020

Here at Film 14 we live and breathe book trailers. So when an exciting cinematic book movie hits the scene, we’re pretty keen on sniffing it out. We sailed through this trash fire of a year and, like a burning comet blazing through outer space, we’re heading straight into the darkness of the next… but not without first paying our respects to the best book trailers of 2020.  

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10 YA Book Trailers That Belong in Movie Theaters

YA book Trailers

Book trailer production quality continues to advance every year it seems. As more YA epics find their way to the screen, hoping to be the next Hunger Games, Harry Potter, or Twilight, it’s getting harder to differentiate between a trailer for a book and a movie trailer. The rise of cross-media collaboration in the literary world, particularly using video, is an exciting new addition to the vastly changing landscape of publishing. Here’s a list of 10 YA book trailers that do an excellent job of blurring the divide between the printed page and the silver screen.

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