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Why Book Trailers and Cinematic Author Videos Are The New Book Launch (Updated)!

book launch

In light of the lockdown non-events of 2020, it’s easy to see why book trailers and cinematic author videos are the new book launch. Since nobody knows how long the stay-at-home orders and social distancing will last and when we will be able to gather again for book readings by authors touring new works, the traditional book launch events need to be tweaked a little bit and spiced up with some tech. Book trailers have been steadily gaining popularity over the last decade–nowadays they’re a must for authors releasing new works or for those who want to give a marketing boost to their older stuff. 

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Leave No Man Behind

A story of perseverance, courage, and patriotism behind the 75th Ranger Regiment’s rescue mission following one of the deadliest Special Ops incidents in Afghanistan. A grueling search for twelve Navy SEAL casualties and eight downed Night Stalkers… with one lone survivor

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Leap to Wholeness

In Leap to Wholeness, educator Sky Nelson-Isaacs explores the science of wholeness. To understand wholeness, imagine a beautiful photograph that you want to modify. The image exists in space. Yet graphic designers are familiar with another space called the frequency domain, or “pattern-space.”

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Would It Kill You to Put on Some Lipstick?

Holly Martyn has been dumped. Twice-divorced and a single parent, she is sitting in a spa feeling sorry for herself when she picks up a magazine and reads the advice Joan Rivers gives to console a friend in the same position: “Would it kill you to put on some lipstick? Get an on-line dating account, go on 100 dates and you’ll meet somebody.”

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Medical Medium

Anthony William Medical Medium

Anthony William, the one and only Medical Medium, has helped tens of thousands of people heal from ailments that have been misdiagnosed or ineffectively treated or that doctors can’t resolve.

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Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails: A Memoir

Hotels Hospitals small

The publication of Jarhead launched a new career for Anthony Swofford, earning him accolades for its gritty and unexpected portraits of the soldiers who fought in the Gulf War. It spawned a Hollywood movie. It made Swofford famous and wealthy. It also nearly killed him.

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In Search of Lost Causes

In Search Lost Causes small

In Search of Lost Causes: Images of the Iranian Revolution: Paradox, Propaganda, and Persuasion, is an interdisciplinary project that will encompass the Poster Art, Photography, and Cinema produced in Iran mostly before and during the Iranian Revolution of 1979, and its influence on Iran today.

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