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Blind Turn

Todd Garlington


How many images does a person see over a lifetime? Where does advertising end and self-image begin? In media-saturated Los Angeles, the chauffeur Martin Tate has seen it all. Or has he? Privy to the lives of various passengers, he pieces together the story that connects a model, a musician, and a mogul. But they have their own stories to tell—and their own corners to turn. Where do they stand in the culture of the maze? Martin learns more than he cares to know. How long can he remain a spectator, or has he been participating all along?

Enter Blind Turn, a world of slick high-rises, ornate mansions, and roadways packed with ambition. Through the eyes of characters at different stages in life comes an urban portrait capturing the glossy surface and bottomless pit of desire. Will Mira find happiness? Will Godfrey make his comeback? Will Vincent finally escape? Goals abound, but is the outcome ever as expected? Amid the power plays, petty reprisals, and fantasies of adoration, an individual strains to find dignity. But all is not lost. The city of dreams occasionally presents an opportunity to wake up.

Directed & EDITED by
Shirley Petchprapa

Shirley Petchprapa

Music by
Roger Subirana Mata

Produced by
Film 14

Gale Harold


Blind Turn offers a spot-on interpretation of LA (which is no easy feat given the sensationalized nature of Hollywood we are so often besieged with from parabolic media informers). It didn't take long for my mind to be engulfed by the book given the cascading. The elements I found most engaging had a Lynchian voyeurism about them. I would say this is an intense psychological read. I especially like the way the story unfolds through the chauffeur and his passengers.

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blind turn author

Todd Garlington

Todd Garlington champions an independent approach to writing, or, juggling words between thirty-seven odd jobs and counting. His work focuses on the paradoxes of personal and cultural identity. is home to his fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.