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14 Book Trailers With Millions Of Views

book trailers work

The verdict is in, folks. Have we not said it enough? Book trailers are an indispensable tool for evangelizing books to the online world. We’ve compiled a list of 14 book trailers with millions of views with the hope of sharing one valuable insight with our writer friends: book trailers work, period. Shame on writers who haven’t made a little book movie for their story yet–look at these views! 

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THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME Netflix Adaptation

Devil All the Time Netflix

Knockemstiff is such an amazing name for a town, you’d have a hard time believing it’s authentic. But, residing in the area of Ross County, Ohio, with an estimated population of 56,753 people, it is very much a real town. Back in the 1950s, the population was only about 450, and—according to author Donald Ray Pollock—the majority of its residents were “connected by blood through one godforsaken calamity or another.”

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7 Music Albums Paired with Kickass Books

kick ass books

It’s bizarre that films often have accompanying soundtracks, but books don’t. If I was in charge of literally anything, issuing out book soundtracks would be my number-one priority. Don’t trust my album-book pairing capabilities? Ha-ha! Looks like you’ve already fallen directly into my trap. Take a look below and get prepared to be proven wrong once again.

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8 Musicians Who Also Published Fiction

musicians with books

Nick Cave writes the kind of lyrics most people only emotionally experience after binge-drinking for three days and deciding to play chicken with traffic. A good majority of the Bad Seeds’s discography is what I imagine getting punched directly in the heart feels like. Your Funeral…My Trial and Let Love In alone oughta qualify for Most Emotionally Brutal Albums Ever Recorded, and it’s amazing Murder Ballads hasn’t been made illegal yet.

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