Film 14 is an LA based film studio.

We produce cinematic book trailers, author’s videos, short films, and more.

What Is A Book Trailer?

It’s the essence of a book captured in motion.

Compact & Powerful

A Book Trailer Is A Video That Promotes A Book Or An Author. A Successful Book Trailer Can Be Shared Many Ways, Used During A Book’s Run, And Also To Interest Film Producers In The Material.

Choose a Book Trailer Style

Select from cinematic live-action, animated, or stop motion book trailers. See all your options.

Enjoy Reaching New Readers

Expand your fanbase, reward your readers, and increase book sales through increased engagement.

Broadcast Quality Trailers

Our trailers are all like little movies or short films. No slideshows, still frames, or stock photos are used.

The typical book trailer fails because it doesn’t make a lasting impression.

Cinematic Book Trailers leave that lasting impression on the viewer, and remain with the book for as long as it’s in print. They’re stand-alone works of art, and at the same time they compliment the book perfectly. We create these cinematic trailers to give a poignant vignette of the book, which leaves the viewer curious. The tone, the pacing, the details, all generate tangible interest in the book and its author.