Over the years I have bought an inordinate number of books on the basis of an elegant cover, and the assumption that if I leave a store with a nice stack of aesthetically pleasing tomes I will automatically be more cultured. Although this has provided me with many books to adorn shelves and coffee tables, it doesn’t necessarily lead me to a good read.

As it turns out there are many people out there who, like myself, bring home a monthly haul of books. Unlike me, they actually try to read all of them! My days of uninformed bookstore meandering may be numbered because, like thousands of book lovers before me, I have finally discovered BookTube.

If you’re reading a blog about book trailers, it’s likely you’re already familiar with this phenomenon. For those who aren’t, BookTubers are lions of the reading world who devour hundreds of books every year and post videos about their literary aims and conquests on YouTube. There are literally thousands of these individuals regularly uploading episodes in which they review, critique, recommend, interview, reminisce, joke, and chatter on about their latest reads.

Here’s our roundup of our favorite BookTubers to assist your foray into this ever expanding world of online lit geeks. There are dozens more out there, so feel free to comment and let us know your top picks!


If you’re looking for honest, no nonsense reviews of intelligent fiction – old and new – then Mercedes is your lady! She covers plenty of classics, as well as graphic novels, and is also an enthusiast of Japanese fiction. There’s a wonderful playlist on her channel dedicated to reviews of books by Japanese authors from Kazuo Ishiguro to Junichiro Tanizaki. Check out her September 2015 Book Haul:

Ron Lit

Veronica’s channel is a lot of fun. She clearly loves Austen and Harry Potter, but she puts a fresh spin on things with humorous explorations of such topics as “Gay Dumbledore” and “18th Century Porn”. Her literary “Marry, Kiss, Cliff” might just be the most entertaining book vlog we’ve come across:

The Reading Rhodes

Male BookTubers are much harder to come by, but Chris is one of our favorites, reviewing everything from Stephen King to Sylvia Plath to Jonathan Safran Foer. He’s also a film enthusiast, so a section of his site focuses on movies and he does some book-to-movie comparisons. Watch this endearing segment about all the unread books on his shelf:

Rincey Reads

Rincey makes slick, professional looking videos in which she intelligently discusses a diverse range of books, with lots of classics and international titles thrown into the mix. Here’s Rincey on why BookTubers should stop stressing out about reading, and read for pleasure:


For cute, hip segments like “My Favourite First Sentences” and “Emoji classics” (describing the classics in five emojis), this cheery Dutch/British gal is hard to beat. Sanne has an MA in English translation and literature, and makes short, snappy, and delightful videos. Her book hauls include everything from George Orwell through to Caitlin Moran, and her channel abounds in YA Fiction reviews. We particularly love her her artsy exploration of Wreck This Journal, below:

Now that you’ve seen what the BookTube has to offer, it’s probably time to head to the bookstore. But if you’re on the prowl for more BookTubers to check out, we suggest you take a look at BookTube News.