Some authors are like Emily Bronte, who in a quick burst wrote just one book, while others might be best compared to long-distance writers like Isaac Asimov, Barbara Cartland, or Alexandre Dumas. There’s a new trend in book trailer production that was designed specially for those authors who tend to fall into the latter, more prolific category – the book series trailer.

It seems like this should have been a thing already, right? That’s what we at Film 14 were thinking, but we’ve only encountered a demand for series trailers in the past eight months. We’re all about getting the maximum value out of a book trailer, particularly since authors work with tight marketing budgets, so for authors with multiple books in a series, making just one trailer is a huge money saver.

All of these series trailers have been released within the past year – if you’ve got an example of a cinematic book series trailer that doesn’t appear on the list, please share it in the comments!

1. Peter Lerangis‘ “The Seven Wonders Series”
Style: TV Commercial
This book trailer looks like it wouldn’t be out of place used as a commercial on network television. We at Film 14 tend to shy away from such a sales orientated approach to book trailer making, but the motion designed book cover illustrations are very well done. We thought that the video manages to convey that this is a series rather than just one book in a quick, clear, and effective manner, making it a great opener for this article.

2. Jennifer Probst’s‘ “Marriage to a Billionaire Series
Style: Cinematic

This is our own trailer for Jennifer Probst’s best-selling Marriage to a Billionare series. It got a great response from both die-hard Probst fans and USA-Today readers when it debuted on the Happily Ever After blog last September.

3. Heather Lyon’s “The Fate Series
Style: Cinematic Blurb-Synopsis

We loved the simplicity of this trailer – the camera following a woman walking through nature, until the final shot adds some intrigue. We’d call this a blurb synopsis trailer because it heavily relies on text to convey key elements of the series.

4. Melissa Conway’sXenofreak Nation Series
Style: CGI Animation 

I’d never seen a completely CGI-rendered book trailer before, let alone a CGI series trailer, and it appears to have been created by the author, Melissa Conway. It’s very imaginative – and seems to be integrated with all of the promotional material for her Xenofreak series.

5. Denise Grover Swank‘s “The Rose Gardner Mystery Series
Style: Cinematic 

We produced this trailer five months ago for Denise-Grover Swank’s fascinating Rose Gardner Mystery Series. This wasn’t our first time working with Swank on a book trailer, but we had a lot of fun creating a narrative trailer that aimed to be more in the short-film style of book trailer.

6. Anna Katmore’sThe Grover Beach Team Series” 
Style: Cinematic 

When Anna Katmore came to us with The Grover Beach Team series, she proposed a rather unique idea. The first two books in the series feature the same events, only one is told from the female protagonist’s perspective, and the other is from the point of view of the male protagonist. Our book series trailer sought to blend these two perspectives in one trailer – and we were quite pleased with the results.