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18 Years of Slavery

Tyrone Obaseki



A compelling Story of resilience and faith, 18 Years of Slavery, chronicles the peripatetic and convoluted life of an orphan who endured years of trauma unspeakable in the foster care system. This heart wrenching story, details the struggle of an orphan’s journey into manhood. Although born into darkness, he waded through it as best as he could and eventually found a sense of redemption and freedom when he discovered his purpose and unique gift. Take a journey through this transparent memoir that gives an eye opening account of how Jesus Christ helped a child defy the odds & journey beyond the trauma & stigma associated with being oppressed & marginalized in the Texas foster care system.

Directed by
Nell Teare

Produced by
Film 14

Edited by
Adam Cushman


"This book is amazing and sad at the same time, more so amazing due to the inspiration it provides!"

Amazon Reviewer

"Raw. A Phoenix of a man. From way less than nothing to a scholar, a motivational speaker, a consultant to legislators, a healed heart the size of Texas."

John P. O'Brien
Tyrone Obaseki


Tyrone Obaseki, M.A, LPC is an inspirational educator, author, child welfare advocate and minister.