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Cinematic Book Teasers by Film 14, Spring 2024 Edition

By May 9, 2024May 19th, 2024No Comments
A handful of our 2024 Book Teaser productions. Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Romance, YA: Film 14’s cinematic teasers span all genres. Watch some examples below… 

Earth’s Door by P.J. Dudek


The vast plains of South Dakota offer Tarin solace from both his dreams of an unknown past and the rumblings of a new global war. Yet a haunting melody plays over the stillness of the grasslands, a melody he cannot escape—one that seems hungry to force him to… remember.

When a stranger dressed as a medieval traveler enters town, the already nervous community responds with alarm. Is this man there to cause trouble like the other newcomers—those who claim to be part of a government organization observing a new illness in the area? And how does this man know Tarin when Tarin has no recollection of him?

As the threat of war draws closer and strange sightings appear in the sky, Tarin begins to discover that all on the planet is not what it seems. What have his dreams been telling him? Is there more to the universe—to reality—than he could have ever imagined?

A Grain of Hope by Melissa Cole


In the heart of Ukraine’s fertile lands, thirteen-year-old Oksana Kovalenko leads a simple life with her family. The rolling fields and rustic charm of her small farming village are all that she knows. That is, until the Soviet Union takes power, and her world is turned upside down.

As increasing authoritarianism and threats of land and food confiscation loom, Oksana fights to protect her loved ones from hunger and the loss of everything they hold dear. Her strength and resilience are tested as she is forced to navigate through the chaos, witnessing immense suffering as famine erupts due to the regime’s grain requisition. Threatened with being labeled an Enemy of the State, her family and friends endure persecution. She watches in horror as her village is reduced to starvation and despair. Forming unexpected alliances, she finds courage in friendship as she joins an underground movement that plans covert operations to feed starving villagers.

Throughout this ordeal, Oksana grows from a hopeful schoolgirl into someone determined to protect her heritage at all costs. The premise revolves around themes of survival against tyranny, familial bonds in times of crisis, loss of innocence amidst political upheaval, and the resilience required to withstand historical tragedies such as famine and purges that characterized Stalin’s rule over Ukraine.

A Grain of Hope reminds us of the human toll of war and oppression and pays tribute to the strength of the human spirit. Oksana’s story will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

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The Imposter Heiress by Annie Reed


Paroled felon. Rich doctor’s wife. Famous clairvoyant. Cassie Chadwick, one of history’s most successful con artists, was a master of reinvention. In the dusk of the Gilded Age, she swept from town to town, assuming fresh identities to swindle a fortune so large that it rivaled the robber barons of the time.

Then came arguably the greatest con in American history. Using forged documents and her peerless wits, Cassie convinced prominent men from Cleveland to New York City that she was the illegitimate daughter of the world’s wealthiest man—Andrew Carnegie. 

Businessmen loaned her hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time; the ensuing crash shattered banks and bankers alike. Her sensational trial made her a household name. The newspapers called her the “Queen of Swindlers,” the “Duchess of Diamonds,” the “High Priestess of Fraudulent Finance.” 

Interspersing Cassie’s crimes with stories of an unsuspecting Andrew Carnegie, author Annie Reed spins an enthralling, page-turning tale of true crime. Long before Anna Delvey captivated national attention, there was Cassie Chadwick—mother of the American con. 

Lethal Legacy by D.M. Mortier



Ever since I can remember my life has been controlled and restricted by the men in my family. Betrayed by the one I trusted most and shackled by insurmountable consequences; I was forced into marriage to a man that I didn’t even meet on my wedding day. No girl ever dreams of marrying by proxy. But that was the least of my new husband’s transgressions. No longer trapped by the constraints of my powerful mafia family and blessed with an absentee husband, it turned out that this marriage might not have been what I wanted, but it was exactly what I needed.


I had accepted that lethal predators like me don’t get to experience true happiness, much less true love. But then, my older brother, a predator like me, found his fated-mate after waiting over four hundred years to find her. Perhaps, there was hope for me yet.

Given the hand that fate had already dealt us, it was inconceivable that my family would force me into a marriage that was useless to a being like me. When I finally found my mate, I came to the realisation that my forced marriage may not have been what I wanted, but it was everything that I needed.

A Wedding in Lake Como by Jennifer Probst


A destination wedding in Italy’s Lake Como brings three best friends back together to face the secrets of the past in this romantic novel from New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst.

Best friends Ava, Madison, and Chelsea made a pact to reunite for each other’s weddings when their careers sent them in different directions. But after one of them makes a choice that tears the group apart, an upcoming wedding might be their last chance to heal old wounds.

Ava is about to marry the man she loves in a lavish ceremony on the shores of Lake Como, but she’s haunted by the mistakes she’s made.

Madison’s made a name for herself as an influencer in the fashion world but is threatened by a scandal impacting everything she holds dear.

And Chelsea has the perfect family she always craved, but her professional dreams have fallen by the wayside.

As they return to Italy’s gorgeous coast, the three women revisit their life-changing first trip to Lake Como during college. When Madison comes face-to-face with the college sweetheart who was at the heart of one of the most pivotal times of her life, can they forge a new way forward?

All That Really Matters by David Weill


Joe Bosco is an arrogant, hard-charging transplant surgeon whose ambition knows no bounds. He pursues his job with a take no prisoners approach and saving patients is not just his job, or even his passion—it’s his religion. After doing his surgical residency, he passes on a job offer from Stanford, instead taking a position at a private hospital in San Francisco which pays Joe an exorbitant salary and where the bottom line is…the bottom line. Joe leaves behind academic medicine, much to the chagrin of his father— a German Jewish Holocaust survivor who is a world-renowned neuroscientist and Nobel Prize winner—and his girlfriend, Kate, who sees Joe turning into a different man than the one she met at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Bosco makes it to the top as a star in the transplant world but soon realizes that the new world he inhabits is fraught with moral and ethical transgressions, some his partners commit and, eventually, some he commits. When the hospital administration sides against Joe in an operating room catastrophe, he is isolated, left with a career in shambles, a girlfriend who wants nothing to do with him, and a father who can’t hide his disappointment.

It is not until his life spins out of control that Joe must come to terms with his own failings and find his true purpose in life…in the most unlikely of places.

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