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Film 14 is an LA-based film studio. We produce cinematic book trailers, author’s videos, short films, and more.

Rave reviews from authors

"The trailer Film 14 made for my novel, Savage Drift is the best book trailer I’ve ever seen. It’s a trailer that should have cost ten times what they charged me."

Emmy LaybourneAuthor of Monument 14: Savage Drift

"I could not have been more pleased with my experience with Film 14, from the concept of my book trailer to its execution."

Kim SavageAuthor of After the Woods

“Refreshingly easy to work with and their trailers speak for themselves. I know of no one else in the world creating trailers at their level, and don’t plan to work with anyone else in the future.”

Michael SiemsenAuthor of The Many Lives of Samuel Beauchamp

“The team at Film 14 did phenomenal work on the book trailer for my new memoir–from development through the completed product. They understood the moods and nuances of my book and transferred these to the film. They’re a professional and hard-working bunch.”

Anthony SwoffordAuthor of Jarhead

“Book trailers have become standard advertising tools for authors and publishers, and are ever more sophisticated. I love what Film 14 did for Your House Is on Fire, Your Children All Gone. It’s short, fast, visually stunning, and captures the novel’s atmosphere perfectly.”

Stefan KiesbyeAuthor of Your House is on Fire, Your Children All Gone

“The creative and I mean Creative — capital “C” creative — team from Film 14 delivers above and beyond. They dove into my eBook political thriller, “Executive Command,” and seized on a concept for an original, exciting, out-of-the-box book trailer. No simple cookie-cutter slide show. No reliance on stock images and footage. They developed a raw, edgy approach, utilizing one of my characters to convey that what viewers are watching is a real and present danger. Risky? Yes. A success? Definitely.”

Gary GrossmanAuthor of Executive Command

“Artistic. Cinematic. Interesting. Film 14 and their forward-thinking staff have created a new art form. This is just the beginning for this talented team of filmmakers. Their book trailers will go down in history as pioneers, joining the hands of the film and publishing industries like never before.”

Deborah HenryAuthor of The Whipping Club

“While there are poem-based feature films such as Beowulf, it was hard to imagine my book of prose poetry, Camouflage for the Neighborhood, being made into a book trailer. Film 14 did not disappoint—they crafted a smart, beautiful piece of cinematic art that mirrors the collage of images I had in mind when writing the poems. I’m very pleased with the results.”

Lorene Delany-UllmanAuthor of Camouflage for the Neighborhood

“I can’t say enough good things about Film 14. They are professional and easy to work with and have an intuitive sense of how to bring your book (whether it is fiction or nonfiction) alive on film. And they made sure I was thrilled with the final product, which I am!"

Kate HopperAuthor of Use Your Words

"A new author, lost in a sea of publicity options, I gambled on a book trailer by Film 14. I'm thrilled I did. One year later, their astounding visual execution of my novel continues to generate new readers: priceless in the world of publishing."

Julie Kirton ChandlerAuthor of Lyovitalis

"Film 14 produces the most brilliant and mesmerizing cinematic book trailers on the market today!"

Anthony WilliamAuthor of Medical Medium

"As a self-published author, I wanted and needed a trailer that went beyond the usual indie trailers one finds. Film 14 did that and more. Watching GIRL OF MYTH AND LEGEND was like watching a cinematic trailer, something that grips you and has you on the edge of your seat, and I found myself wanting to pick up my own book! If you want to sell an indie book with a bang, you need to have an awesome trailer, and in order to have an awesome trailer, you need Film 14. I hope to come back to them again for all my books."

Giselle SimletAuthor of Chosen: Girl of Myth and Legend

"Working with Film 14 has been an excellent experience for Diversion Books. The whole process was professional, the turnaround was shorter than our expectations, and the video quality and direction was top-notch. Changes and edits were integrated very quickly, and the Film 14 team was helpful all the way to the finished video and beyond. Highly recommended."

Diversion BooksPublisher of Red Tide

"The cinematic book trailer conjures a mood, casts a spell, and translates the electricity of words into images. The magicians at Film 14 have Houdini-hands and they crafted something beautiful out of Neighbors of Nothing."

Jason OckertAuthor of Neighbors of Nothing

"25,800 people have viewed my book trailer of Avenue of Palms on YouTube! That is absolutely amazing. It shows the quality of the production and distribution by Film 14. If by some odd chance you haven't seen it yet, please watch, enjoy, and share."

Athena LarkAuthor of Avenue of Palms

"The final product exceeded my expectations. Without a doubt, the best marketing money I spent was on my book trailer, as it generated great interest leading up to publication. If you want a cinematic book trailer, check out Film 14. Top notch!"

Charlie DonleaAuthor of Summit Lake

Check out some of our latest trailers below.


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Tales of the Peculiar

A Novel by Ransom Riggs

Old Earth

Old Earth

A Novel by Gary Grossman


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